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Health & Safety On The Course

Because of the nature of the course with undulations, ditches, paths, animal dug holes etc. caution is needed at all times. Players and the public are expected at all times to be aware of dangers to themselves and others. To help everyone be aware of the danger we make the following suggestions to all: -


  1. FOOTWEAR: All types of footwear in certain conditions can cause danger.
  2. PATHS, BRIDGES AND SLOPES: Please be aware that paths, bridges and slopes can be uneven in places.
  3. BUNKERS: Most of the bunkers are fairly easy to get in and out, but be aware in certain conditions the quickest route is not always easiest.
  4. TRIANGLES: There are safety triangles on the 4th and 17th fairways. Please use them to indicate to the following group it is safe to play
  5. MEMBERS OF PUBLIC: Be tolerant of non-golfers who use the footpath that runs parallel  with the ditch which runs from the bridge on the 13th  to the hedge on the left of the 2nd
  6. BUGGIES: To follow buggy paths in winter/as directed, when buggies are hired. They are hired at your own risk and it is suggested that they are driven at walking pace at all times, in any circumstance.
  7. DRIVING RANGE: Be aware of the public footpath on the RIGHT and at all times be aware of non-golfers in the vicinity.


All accidents MUST be reported to the clubhouse manager immediately.


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